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20 Dollars To My Name(feat. Fiend, Soulja Slim, Silkk the Sh

Damn a nigga only got 20 dollars shit

Check this out

[Snoop Dogg]

Nigga 20 dollars to my name

Deep in this dice game

I dust off my knees

I fucked off two g's

Nothing left to do, but buy some shells for my glock

Why? so I can rob every known dope spot

I'm having hard times, grit, and grind

Shit I'm tyring to get mine

Ain't nothing to lose plus I'm living on the frontline

It's a cold twist the way that shit goes

Gotta keep your hands on some motherfuckin' fetty yo

And keep a down bitch for when your money run out

And get you gun out

And shoot'em up till they come out

I'm blowing in the wind

It feels good my friend

Silkk brought the Gin & Juice and my nigga chipped in

I'm amongst killers with a dub in my pocket loc

A drug dealer at the same time i love to smoke

But if I wasn't in this rap game

Would a nigga Snoop Dogg have 20 dollars to his name

[Chorus Fiend]

Now 20 dollars to my name in this game of drugs

And the only thing we now is gan bangers and thugs

If my yale don't sell how shall we proceed

Because we can't slang the urb, cause we smoke too much weed repeat


I got 19 dollars and 50 cents up in my pocket with what?

With this automatic rocket

Gotta have it to pop it,unlock it, and take me up a hostage

Let'em now this itch of my finger is worser than jock itch

Extended glock clips allow me to cop chips

Erasing cops tips and sisters that pop lip, stop this

Cold blooded killing for ??? this

Soda couldn't rock this

chop a shelf when i drop this

My ??? can't chop this

The hunger that I hold

Setting here wondering should I take it from his soul

See this here with a hole

Allowed that silencer to blow

And took motherfuckin' lives for less than twenty before

[Soulja Slim]

Now with this last 20 dollars I might buy me some douja

Because that weed from Magnolia still have a nigga sober

I seen my nigga nigga from way way back

Me and him used to jack and rock a rental cadillac

He sees my nick, he sees my grill, he says I'm flossin

He sees my wrist, he says damn nigga you flossin

And I'm bossin, and tossin'em up at the same time

So if you thinking about with me it'll be your death in ???

And why put your life in danger over 20 dollars, that's all I got

And my weed habit is so close to smoking powder it ain't worth being



[Silkk the Shocker]

Now look, I'm fresh up out of jail it feels goo to be on the outside

I had 120 dollars, but i spent a 100 on my ride

Now the only thing I got left is 20 dollars to my name

Nigga want front me some motherfuckin' caine

I told him weed charge it 2 the game

Nigga now now I gotta be on some murder one shit

Some slum shit

Some out the projects dumb shit

some weed and blunt shit

Some I don't give a fuck shit, where it from shit

Some penitentiary solitary confinement never see no motherfuckin' sun


Now I got 20 dollars to my motherfuckin' name, and I gotta get more

So I tell nigga hit the floor I'm about to pull a motherfuckin' kick


Now whether it's rapping, or jacking, kidnapping, or gun totting

Y'all call me down??? do get scared I ain't flipped till my guns smoking

It be a hustle just to eat

And it be hard on these streets

Gotta get my hustle on

Got 20 dollars y'all now that shit don't last long picture this

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20 Dollars To My Name(feat. Fiend, Soulja Slim, Silkk the Sh / Снуп Догг

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