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Wild Christmas

The Winter break is coming up and we'll be out of class.

I can't wait till I'm with you, hanging out at las.

Every minute everyday, we're gonna have a blast.

You are all I need. We'll be, dancing underneath the moon, in a foot of snow.

Blasting lucky Christmas songs, on the stereo.

I'll be, hanging mistel toe, everywhere we go.

I just wanna do,(ijust wanna do) Everything with you!


I'm dreamin' of a Wild Wild Christmas,

With my ,my baby I wanna go crazy.

Wild, wild Christmas, we can dance till dawn,

keep it goin' on.

And I know, we can be out in the snow, or chillin' out by the tree

It's gonna be a wild, wild christmas if your with me

(If your with me)

Tiss the season to be free, and party night and day

I'll be nothing let it out, I'll show you the way.

As soon as school as out we go,

until new years day.

As long as I have you (as long as i have you)Theres nothing we can't doo!


(I'm dreamin' of a wild wild Christmas)

Chorus 3 times


Wild Christmas / Saliva

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