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Here's father, his heart screwed on

Yes, here he's got it I'm sure

'Cause he lost his life in an accident

Found his heart in the man next door

What exactly's gonna happen

When they do transplant the brain

Will my borrowed brain still compute the same

Or will my daughter suffer so much more

Here comes the girl, she's got her head screwed on

But it ain't screwed on right

Her ambition is to be a prostitute

But the breaks just weren't right

What exactly's gonna happen, tell me

When her father finds out

That his virgin daughter has bordello dreams

And that he's the one she wants to try out


There's ma, she's living dangerously

It's a cinch she'll try it anything twice

She thinks she can run right to the whirlpool's edge

And stop herself just in time

What exactly's gonna happen

When she finally fizzles out

The lovers will just be sucked into

To see what the colours of death are all about

Here's the son, has his legs a-screwed on

Yeah, they're screwed on pretty tight

But his brain is loose and it ain't no use

He's already lost the fight

What exactly's gonna happen

When he's finally realized

That he can't play his guitar like E.G. Jim

Or write St. Augustine if he tried

That's what happens

When a family finds out

That they've been in orbit now for a thousand years

And need a thousand more to climb out

The Rolling Stones

Family / The Rolling Stones

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