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Роджер Тейлор Роджер ТейлорАнглийский рок-музыкант, ударник группы 'Queen'.


the sweetest moments

that i ever had

the most magic memories

that i recall

(when the man came out

and complained in the hall)

when i met you

when i met you

?'you had to be there?'

the darkest hour

that i ever lived

and the longest fall

that i ever fell

and the sun went in

and the night was hell

when you left me

when you left me

?'you had to be there?'

the sweeteset thoughts

that i entertain

are of happy days

that might come again

i don?'t know your face

i don?'t know your name

till we meet again

?'you had to be there

Роджер Тейлор

'YOU HAD TO BE THERE / Роджер Тейлор

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