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The Bullfighter Was a Lady

(words & music by sid tepper - roy c. bennett)
Pedro the bull was a killer
King of the bullfighter ringer
He'd wipe up the floor with each brave matador
And have matador stew for his dinner

He heard the crowd shouting ol�
But he met his master that day

The bullfighter was a lady
And it was true love at first sight
Her red cape was waving but pedro was shaking (or shaving? )
He wanted to date her that night

Pedro the bull he was smitten
First time the love bug had bitten
He once was a mad bull, a wild and a bad bull
But now he was mild as a kitten

The people were starting to hiss
But pedro just wanted to kiss

The bullfighter was a lady
And pedro he liked what he saw
He floated on air with a rose in his hair
As he waltzed with that sweet matador

His fate was a bad one, his tale is a sad one
It's hanging right over her door

Элвис Пресли

The Bullfighter Was a Lady / Элвис Пресли

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