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Zwitter::Hermaphrodite (English)

I have stolen a kiss from her

She wanted to get it back

I have not let her go again

We melted into one piece

It is just too right for me

I am a beautiful bisexual

Two souls under my chest

Two genders, one lust

Hermaphrodite, hermaphrodite

Hermaphrodite, hermaphrodite

I go differently through the day

I am the most beautiful person of them all

I see marvelous things

I did not notice them before

I can make myself happy everyday

I can send myself roses

There is no second and no third

One and one that is the same

Hermaphrodite, hermaphrodite

I am so in love

Hermaphrodite, hermaphrodite

I am so in love with myself

One for me

One for you

Is there not one

For me

One for me

One for you

One and one

That's me

I am alone but not alone

I can be together with myself

Early I kiss my reflection

And at night I fall asleep with myself

When the others searched for girls

I could already fertilize myself

I am not even downhearted then

When one tells me


Zwitter::Hermaphrodite (English) / Rammstein

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