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Still Im Sad

Version 1 (From Stranger in Us All)

See the stars come fallin' down the sky

Gently passing, they kiss your tear drops dry

See the wind come, softly blow

Your hair from your face

And the rain comes falling down

In its crazy way

Still I'm sad

For myself my tears just fall in the dust

As I search in the night and find they're lost

See the wind come gently blow

Time into my heart

And the rain comes falling down

While we're apart

Still I'm sad

Version 2 (Yardbirds' version?)

See the stars come joining down from the skies

Gently passing they kiss your tears when you cry

See the wind of summer blow your hair upon your head

See the rain, the falling rain, it's rain

Still I'm sad

Oh my flowers, my tears are falling two days

They are driving the night profound, they are lost

Flower, flower the wind is blowing

Time into my heart

When the wind blows hard, we are apart

Still I'm sad

Oh, oh, oh, oh, Still I'm sad

Oh, oh, oh, oh, How I'm sad


Still Im Sad / Рэйнбоу

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