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Scared To Death

[Music by WagnerSchroeder, lyrics by Wagner]

Oh no! Somebody said they're marching out tonight

Fists high, their eyes straight on, the goal far out of sight

Screaming leaders, tell you what to say

They're all tools of the rulers behind 'em

They're scared to death!

They talk 'bout power and 'bout glory to gain

To be an hero 'n' get an order's the main thing

March into battle, you'll see what is real

Hell's coming nearer and death's on your heels


They're scared - scared to death

The agony is brutal - scared to death

Ha, ha, ha they stand face to face with a gun

What will be harder, the bullet - the man?

Satan's calling - you must pay the price

You had the choice you believed in their lies



Scared To Death / Rage

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