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Who Dares?

[Music by: P. Wagner, C. Efthimiadis, Lyrics by: P. Wagner]

Why do you look for answers in the extremes? Forget the radical

?‚?‘cause the truth is mostly somewhere in between

Nevermind the simple minded as long their heart beats in the right place,

but for heaven's sake if they forgot their aims (and to tell their kids)

Now they are trapped and they don't even care

still they don't understand what it means

dimborn they never have learned anything

they are trapped in a world reigned in fear

Who dares to stop these fools?

We need revolution - someone has to change the crusted rites

but we need heads that can think before they act

?‚?‘cause it has to happen in a way that changes the conditions for the better

There's no time for old mistakes

Now they are trapped...

Who dares to stop these fools?

Brutality is trendy, discussing's for old farts

Today the cracked voice of youth screams out the fatal fascists call

All the mindless, unwanted, frustrated think that there's a way to bring sense in their life

They confuse the Free with lemmings...

Now they are trapped...

Who dares to stop these fools?


Who Dares? / Rage

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