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Blue Highway

(Featuring Chet Atkins) Written by: Neil Diamond and Harlan Howard

So long big city
It's time to say goodbye
I'm longing for those country roads
I need to see the sky
Think I'll take a swing down south
Visit Tennessee
See if that girl Annie
Still remembers me

Gonna take that blue highway
And leave this sorry town
Stayed too long, but now I'm gone
And I know where I'm bound
I don't wanna take the interstate
It represents all the things I hate
I'm rolling down that blue highway

So long confusion
It's time to slow things down
Say goodbye to my old friends
Ease on out of town
I made me some money here
I paid for every day
And every mile just makes me smile
'Cause I've made my getaway

Gonna take that blue highway

Нил Даймонд

Blue Highway / Нил Даймонд

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