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Fear Of The Marketplace

Written by: Neil Diamond

Fear of the marketplace
Afraid of the world outside a door
Maybe it's cold out there
And if it's cold, you can't come home anymore

Fear of the marketplace
Just gotta forget the whole damned thing
You're ready to take that fling
You're ready to make it swing, you've done it before
Just open the door

You and I
Know we tried
Tried it all before
And we almost made it thru
Long ago
Is so far away
Like a flame that would burn
In the heart of the night
Like a flame that would burn
Giving heat, giving light
It was right, yeah

Fear of the marketplace
Just taking that ride inside your head
Are you alive, or dead
When you're alive
You get to try one more time
It's gonna be fine
Gonna be fine

Нил Даймонд

Fear Of The Marketplace / Нил Даймонд

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