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Radical Read

Oh Radical Read you make me want to scream

Radical read I just know you are not mean

Who are you going to homecoming with

Cause i would love to take you (take you)

Oh radical read you blow my mind

Radical read you are so kind

My favorite friend of sexy sarah

I wish my name was Kenny or Kara

Leesville is your high school

That is really really cool

I tryed on the same shirt you had

But it mad me look really bad

Radical Read Radical Radical Read

You are not mean but you make me want to sream

I don't know who your going to homecoming with but I'd love to take you

You blow my mind and you are so kind

You are a friend of sexy sarah and I wish my namr were Kara

You go to high school and that is cool

I tryed on your shirt you had but i looked bad

Radical Read Radical Read you are my favorite


Radical Read / Пинк

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