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Just Like A Pill (Remix)

Im lying here on the floor

where you fucked me

I think I fucked too much.

Im crying here

What have you done?

I thought it would be fun

I cant live on this sex support

Theres a shortage at the switch

I cant stay in your bed no more

Cause its making me itch

I tried to call the pimp again

but hes such a bitch


Where I can fuck just as fast as I can

To the middle of orgasm

To the middle of my frustrated acts

And I swear you are just like a pregnancy

instead of making me better

You keep making me ill

I havent moved from the spot where you fucked me

It must be a bad trip

all the other men

were different

maybe I should get some help



Just Like A Pill (Remix) / Пинк

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