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The Hexx

Capistrano swallow, answer to your inner voice and please return God installed that radar in your pointy little beak so you'd return Epileptic surgeons with their eyes x'ed out attend to the torn up kid Salivate and reckon with all the sick things that you did The secondary stumbles cause the cadence of the count has lead them astray Pray their intuition leads them crashing into bodies in a perfect way But I, I saw you reeling in a parking lot I saw you rallying round a parking lot Line up for the comfort and kick it on the bumper Know there is no leeway You're standing on the freeway in love Motion, you were destined for the paupers grave Architecture students are like virgins with an itch they cannot scratch Never build a building till you're 50, what kind of life is that? Stalled out on an escalator wishing which way to return, up or down My Palestinian nephew got his face blown off in a dusty craft


The Hexx / Pavement

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