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Platform Blues

One, two, three, four Cardiac kid, kinda like it, kinda like it, cardiac kid, don't go Chronological on all your friends First you'll cause accidents Raise the roof Make us tense Follow through to the ends And we'll rip the heart out from the defense The lion reaps his own reward Serengeti nightmare for the echo tour You're a nice guy and I hate you for that Thanks to people like you I'm no longer that Mandrake versus the snake I got it on the camera for posterity Of my stolen wild orchids got cut See those Sherpas sherpin from the autobus It's got the right to sit on that face Well, it was put here for me because I am great I've got the right to sit on that face Everybody look at me and my wonderful place Patty, patty, patty you're so catty And it's not fair cause I like to doody doddy do Catty, catty, catty you're so patty And it's unfair because I like to doody doddy do with you It's unfair cause I like to doody doddy doody da with you Di da di doody da with you


Platform Blues / Pavement

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