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A ship comes in from Africa
Carrying forbidden cargo
Gonna bring somebody lots a trouble
ThereЎЇs a family out in Ohio
Gonna step on it and make it grow
Gonna fool some people at the double
Let it all go round
And it all comes down
A captain down in Florida
Knows a man back in Chicago
Every deal you know heЎЇs makin money
Rico comes from Texas way
With a senorita from El Paso
Glad heЎЇs found the land of milk and honey
Let it all go round
And it all comes down
Ў®GЎЇ Man down in Panama
Cuts a trail to Barcelona
Dip-lo-matic bag will be no hassle
Sails into the big T.O.
ThruЎЇ the pipeline to Alaska
SheЎЇs the one in town with something special
Maybe you maybe me maybe them
Look at you look at me look at them
Cut it out


Trouble / Nazareth

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