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Lovely Loretta
I'd like to know you better
Sure would like to know what's
Goin' on in your head
Sweet juicy Lucy go crazy if you chose me
Sure would like to help you
Stop fallin' out'a your bed
Lovely Loretta you know IЎЇm scared to bet ya
I donЎЇt know if I went if IЎЇd win or IЎЇd lose
Stronger tha whiskey, ya got to be a Frisky
But ya got something I'd really, like to use

Lovely Loretta
I saw ya in a magazine
Set my details to the gettinЎЇ scene
Lovely Loretta youЎЇre lookinЎЇ so good to me
Helps to make my dreams reality
Lovely Loretta, you know IЎЇve got to get ya
You know that its only a simple matter of time
Save my sanity,Oh , girl you gotta use me


Loretta / Nazareth

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