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Not Fakin' It

copyright 1973 mountain music,ltd.,carlin music corp.
all rights reserved.
yellow dog music in canada and u.s.)

Slim Jim was a stool pidgeon
On the payroll of the f.b.i.
Reverend Fred sold instant religion
With a license from the man in the sky
Billy the kid was a gunslinger
Edgar Wallace was a dead ringer
Me, I'm just a rock'n'roll singer

Keyhole Pete was a keen watcher
Had a telephoto lens in each eye
Jack the ripper was a cool stalker
But his birds no longer fly
James Joyce was a mudslinger
Jesus Christ was a forgiver
Me, I'm just a rock'n'roll singer

I'm not fakin' it
Foolin' myself that I'm makin' it
I'm not fakin' it

Tricky dicky was a fast talker


Not Fakin' It / Nazareth

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