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Too Bad Too Sad

Once I had a girl
She called me on the phone
Said come on over honey
You know IЎЇm all alone
But when I got to her place
What I saw stopped me dead
She was standinЎЇ with a shotgun
Pointed at my head
My My too bad too sad
My My too good to last
So IЎЇm cuttinЎЇ out fast

Once I had a friend
We had a lot of laughs
He was all a friend could be
KnowinЎЇ him was just a gas
One night I got home
he gave me one surprise
He was standinЎЇ in a womans dress
Lashes on his eyes
My my too bad too sad
My my too good to last
So IЎЇm cuttinЎЇout Fast
My, my, my
My, My, My
Had a pretty wife
She was all I could need
Gave me what I wanted


Too Bad Too Sad / Nazareth

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