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 Napalm Death Napalm Deathанглийская грайндкор, рок-группа.

The Great Capitulator

I'd rating die probing something
Than see the urge, shot to fucking pieces
Rip that face off – who goes there?

You may – you may doubt the necessity
You may – you may feign incredulity
On break – you're toeing the line!

Quadruple standarts
For a set of ruler
So you don't fall prey
To the ill-at-ease – who goes there?

Cast out – cast out to private hell
Where the – where the loose lipped freely expel...

...Streams – of odious, twisted rationale
Streams – of odious, twisted, raving rationale

Be seen-and-not-heard
Balance of disturbance
Decorum? Ooh...ooh

The earnest refusal
The bleating manoeuvre
Decorum? Ooh...ooh

Streams – of wretched, heiniuos rationale
Streams – of wretched, heiniuos, depraved rationale

Buying the rawest deal
Dither, by dutyful

I'd rather die doubting something
Than be consigned to anonymity
Kicking, screaming – who goes there?

You may – surrender manfully
You may – you may die in captivity

Napalm Death

The Great Capitulator / Napalm Death

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