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 Napalm Death Napalm Deathанглийская грайндкор, рок-группа.

Next On The List

Shane Embury

Next on the list ?

Such a smug parasite
Smug in a comfort zone
We stepped back and
while you vidated
our effects, our spirits, our

Opportunist scum ?
Think you're so immune ?
Opportunist scum ?
We yearn to see you
Opportunist scum ?
Truly spineless cint
Opportunist scum ?
Back in this lonthsome glas

Where once I was passive,
I'm ready to snap
A pound of flesh for those
that you've taken
That smiling surround can't
shield you forever
When it slips, we'll be there
to fuck your world !

A slap in the face
A slap in the face

Don' tturn your back, don't
lower your guard.
or assume you're safe
among fellows sharks
'cause whan I catch that
patronising smirk

Napalm Death

Next On The List / Napalm Death

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