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Talk In Tounges

When you beat on that drum

Talk in that tounge

You're just scratching on the surface

So tell me what in means

A whisper to a scream

Slowly fades away


Then you wake up

And tomorrow is today, oooh

And you're crying, crying like a baby

Caught between the tides

(Did you lose your way)

You lost your way

(Did you lose your way)

You lost your way

Do you know where I've been

Walls are caving in

It moves across a wire

Theres no need to talk

I crawl as you walk

Pushing me away


Flowers in the bin

Close this hole I'm in

Everything was one

Nothing gets undone

You pay the bill

You've lost your will

Just run away until


Натали Имбрулья

Talk In Tounges / Натали Имбрулья

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