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 Napalm Death Napalm Deathанглийская грайндкор, рок-группа.

The World Keeps Turning

No way forward or back, in stalemate, we stagnate,
life cycle is an automation, instinctively, we race to get ahead?
And now our virgin minds are raped.

Another insignificance to join the rat race.
Self indulgence within our grasp.

We're taught but torn.

The sanctity of life, so vulnerable,
the world keeps turning - we spin out of control.
Guided, or could this mean misguided, no time for questions,
preoccupied with pressing on, the world keeps turning -
we overdose on overdrive.
Superior species with inferior ideas.

We overload our bodies and minds,
respect this world while committing suicide.
Poison trait.

We're the cause not the cure,
our methods will surly drag us down.
Guided, or could this mean misguided,
our virgin minds are raped -

Napalm Death

The World Keeps Turning / Napalm Death

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