Dont Listen To Linda

Dont listen to Linda

She said all those things before

Shes just a pretender,

And though you couldnt love her more

Shell lead you on, and then one day

Shell say youll have to part

Dont listen to Linda

Shell only break your heart.

Dont listen to Linda

If you want some good advice,

Just try to remember,

She did it once, shell do it twice

Theres more to her little games,

Than your eyes can see,

Dont listen to Linda,

Or youll end up like me.

Youll never understand her

All the presents you could hand her,

Could never be enough, oh no,

So, dont underestimate her,

cause sooner or later,

The goings gonna start to get rough.

Dont listen to Linda,

Dont believe the things you hear.

Youll end up, contender,

For the Loser Of The Year.

Ive said everything I can

To try and make you see

Dont listen to Linda,

Or youll end up like me

The Monkees

Dont Listen To Linda / The Monkees