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The Ballad Of ?Brain Knight?

The Ballad Of ?Brain Knight?

To the tune of ?lamb crops sing along? and ?the song that never ends?

The militant bunkers where

I imagine I?m in my lover?s bed

We swam naked ? we frolicked young and free

Glistening wet like a froggies leg on a paraplegic?s knee

I gazed into his eyes, what do I see

Jaundice, a disease menagerie

But though he?s got ? a figure of an aging sloth

His love ? pump can deliver a malicious wrath

David Hasselhoff ? dressed mean, with boots to tease

Bend over, please now punish me

David Hasselhoff ? tuck me in bed tonight

Appease me with your leathery face

Conscripted to fort Dik

Showering with men from 3 to 6

We sung about ? leotards, fairies and naked gladiators

I dreamt I was Peter Pan in a frock telling Captain Hook to suck my cock

It looks like I see your prong

I thought you were a ? nave bastard in a stupid talking car

But then I saw you in a ?Baywatch? and thought you were the sexiest man by far

Done run away, I beg of thee

Ill show you Athens ? style sodomy

We played ? grecko marines with our sted ? fast dicks

We clubbed our pricks like homeless kids and lathered our self with garlic bread

My heart and bowel belongs to you

No one roots like you ? they cum too soon

Oh how ? soldiers love being gay

Unlike prison we don?t need soap to play

David Hasselhoff ? my syphilis caused you internal rot

Your old and crusty, you cant even please

Fly back to Germany, how ?Bout writing a pop song or two

Hey Davey boy, here?s a message for you ?



The Ballad Of ?Brain Knight? / Metallica

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