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Sick City

Music by elton john
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Released as a uk b-side in may, 1974

Ooh she said the croud just loved you
My name's angel and I'm sixteen
I really love your band and your funny accent
Sure would like a cruise in your limousine

Then she said how about a rubdown
You're so cute, I'm so mean
The way you hold your guitar really gets me
I can show you tricks that you ain't never seen

Sick city, nobody to love you
Oh but sometimes I can taste you when I'm feeling weak
Sick city, isn't it a pity
That you can't float above it when the bottom leaks
Oh, sick city

Hey man how's about a handout
All you dudes just loaded down
Just a little sugar man makes me sweeter
I like to sit at home and watch the world go round

Stage-door monkey's on my back
Begging me to save his life
Can't he understand we're not a healing show
We're just here to play some music for the kids tonight

Элтон Джон

Sick City / Элтон Джон

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