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The Final Attraction

Well, here you are, the final attraction

Awaiting direction

>From somewhere above

Your finest performance

Approaching perfection

I know what you're making

It's some kind of love

Somewhere in your lifetime

You were dared into feeling

So many emotions that tear you apart

But they loved you so badly

For sharin' their sorrow

So pick up that guitar

And go break a heart

You can do it one more time, son, we're with ya

Pick up that guitar

Go break a heart

You can do it this time just for Hank Williams, can't ya?

Go break a heart

Maybe one time for Otis Redding

Go break a heart

And one time for Janis Joplin

Yeah, that's right. Go break a heart

O.K. Yeah, One more time for James Dean

Go Break a Heart

God bless George Jones

Go Break a Heart

And maybe one time for me

Go break a heart

Крис Кристофферсон

The Final Attraction / Крис Кристофферсон

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