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Rebirth Of Blashemy

JESUS - you son of hell, look at my evil face

Hear my calling, touch my rage

Graceless liar, feel my hate!

Anyway there's the time

To throw away the "Book of Lies"

To suffocate seed of church

Forget the paradise


The church is loaded gun, was has begun

Rebirth of blasphemy

You still try to bless blood on your hands

Rebirth of blasphemy

Listen to my speech you son of a bitch

Rebirth of blasphemy

In my eyes the Vatican burns

Rebirth of blasphemy

Deliverance doesn't come

There are only deceived ones

Bless the cross - bless the pope

Bless your tricks - bless my dick!

God - you mendacious god

Who with angels makes love

By your own blood you are always drunk

The fairy tale doesn't work anymore

At the bible the children laugh

They laugh; you were crucified

I'll never kiss your hand but you can kiss my ass

Repeat Chorus

Kiss the cross - kiss the pope

Bless your tricks - kiss my dick!

God - you mendacious god

I am not blind, I'm really not blind

Fall on your kness and try to pray

If it helps because now you die

Lord - I am your jack the ripper


Rebirth Of Blashemy / Krabathor

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