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Yo-Da-Lin In The Vallet

[Voice Talking:] But anyway I..I..I like to value my

relationship with women. You know sometimes I get so

deeply involved I just, I just have to feel like

oral sex would complete our relationship

Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley

Yo,Yo,Yo, Yo Da Lin In The Valley

A delicious break from Potatoes

Yo Da Laheeeeoooooooo

Here we go

Yo, Yo, Yo Da Laheeeooooo

Let em know how I'm layin

Unusual kinda casual yes with me girls are obsessed

To get undressed

Get fresh and have me

Yodle In The Valley

And I'd do it at the drop of a dime (dime)

Sometimes goin from behind (from behind)

Slowly strokin, no jokin

My tongue just keeps on pokin

And the best type of oochie coochie

Is the type that tastes like sushi

Eat it

Watch a girl get frisky

And then wash it down with a shot of whiskey

Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley

Yeah Kid Rock Kid Rock

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Lin In The Valley

Yeah Kid Rock Kid Rock

Yo Da Laheoooo

Yo here's a story

(Check it out)

I remember when I spent the night at Sally's house

Woke up with Cotton Mouth

Couldn't speak

My tongue was weak

From Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley

Oh I love them mountain thighs

And a pizza pie before my eyes

But before I taste them juices

I make sure this Sally douches

But she's not the only one

I like to Yodle On

It sounds wicky wacky ticky tacky

But yo you know that I'm most happy

Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Lin The Valley

A delicious break from potatoes

Yo Da Laheoooooo

Check It Out

(Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Laaaaeeeeeoooo)

I need some more yodle music

Could you get break this down and give me some


Yo, Yo, Yodalahe

(A deli

Кид Рок

Yo-Da-Lin In The Vallet / Кид Рок

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