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Келли Роулэнд Келли Роулэндодна из трех солисток группы Destiny's Child





To dirrty to clean my act up

If you ain't Dirrty... you ain't here to party

Ladies move, Gentlemen move

somebody ring the alarm a fire on the roof

Ring the Alarm (and I'm throwing elbows)

Ring the alarm ( and I'm throwing elbows) Repeat 5 times

Ooh, I'm overdue

Give me some room

I'm coming through

Paid my dues

In the mood

ma and my girls gonna shake the room

DJ's spinning (show your jam)

and let's get Dirrty (that's my jam)

i need that. to get me off

Sweating till my clothes come off

It's explosive, speakers are thumping

We still going 6 in the mornin'

Table dancin' glasses are crashin'

no questions time for some action!

Temperture's up (Can you feel it?)

'Bout to erupt (so get)

Gonna get my girls

Get your boys gonna make some noise

Gonna get rowdy

Gonna get a little unruly

Get it fired up in a hurry

Wanna get Dirrty

it's about time that I came to start the parrty

Sweat drippin' over my body

Dancin' get a little more naughty

Wanna get Dirrty

It's about time for my arrival

Ahh, heat is up

So ladies fellas drop your cups

Body's hot from front to back

Move your ass

I like that

tight hip huggers' (low fo' so')

Shake a little somethin' on the floor

I need that...to get my off

Sweatin' to my clothes come off

Let's get open cause a commotion

we still goin' 8 in the mornin'

There's no stopping we keep it poppin'

hard rockin', everyones' talkin'

be all you got (give it to me)

Just hit the spot

Gonna get my girls

get your boys

gonna make some noise


Gonna get alittle unr

Келли Роулэнд

Dirrty / Келли Роулэнд

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