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Келли Роулэнд Келли Роулэндодна из трех солисток группы Destiny's Child


I dream one day that you and me were meant to be,

I should have talked to him,

you should have given me a chance.

But now we'll never know.


And now i'm sittin here,

can't get get you out my head,

I dreamt this day would come true.

I drove myself insain wishing it would come true.

But the truth remains your gone. Boy i'm wrong

I never knew it would be like this.

One day i'll show you that I can be

whatever you want me to be. (yea yea yea)

chorus again

now i can say i dont love you no more, but

idont to hurt your fellings when you walk through that door,

but your still on my brain

Келли Роулэнд

Dream / Келли Роулэнд

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