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Пэтерсон Джозеф Пэтерсон ДжозефБританский актер

One More Angel in Heaven


Joseph's coat annoyed his brothers


But what makes us mad

Are the things that Joseph tells us of the

Dreams he's often had


I dreamed that in the fields one day

The corn gave me a sign

Your eleven sheaves of corn

All turned and bowed to mine

My sheaf was quit a sight to see

A golden sheaf and tall

Yours were green and second-rate

And really rather small


This is not the kind of thing

We brothers like to hear

It seems to us that Joseph and his

Dreams should disappear


I dreamed I saw eleven stars

The sun the moon and sky

Bowing down before my star,

It made me wonder why

Could it be that I was born

For higher things than you?

A post in someone's government

A ministry or two


The dreams of our dear brother are

The decade's biggest yawn

His talk of stars and golden sheaves

Is just a load of corn

Not only is he tactless but

He's also rather dim

For there's eleven of us and

There's only one of him

The dreams of course will not come true

That is, we think they won't come true

That is, we hope they won't come true

What if he's right all along?

The dreams are more than crystal clear

The writing on the wall

Means that Joseph some day soon

Will rise above us all

The accuracy of the dreams

We brothers do not know

But one thing we are sure about

The dreamer has to go

Пэтерсон Джозеф

One More Angel in Heaven / Пэтерсон Джозеф

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