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Пэтерсон Джозеф Пэтерсон ДжозефБританский актер

Any Dream Will Do

( Jordan Neigher )

Is there a reason why you're so handy with the knife

You cut me up inside then say love me like your life

I try to defend my self-respect

But it's getting harder when you always think that you know best

Chorus :

Your love is winding me up

Your love makes push come to shove

Your love is winding me up

Baby I can't get enough

I have spent the whole night crying

After one of your remarks

You set me up like you're trying

To see if I will fall apart

I'm the fool in this story

And it always seems to make you laugh

And you won't rest until you break my heart in half

Пэтерсон Джозеф

Any Dream Will Do / Пэтерсон Джозеф

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