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Those Canaan Days


So back in Canaan the future looked rough

Jacob's family were finding it tough


For the famine has caught us unprepared

We are thin

We are ill

We are getting scared

It's enough to make anyone weep

We are down to our very last sheep


We will starve if we hang around here


But in Egypt there's food going spare


They've got corn

They've got meat

They've got fruit and drinks


And if we have the time

We could see the Sphinx


So they finally decided to go

Off to Egypt to see brother Jo

So they all lay before Joseph's feet


Mighty prince, give us something to eat


Joseph found it a strain

Not to laugh because

Not a brother among them

Knew who he was


I shall now take them all for a ride

After all they have tried fratricide

Пэтерсон Джозеф

Those Canaan Days / Пэтерсон Джозеф

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