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Джек Джордан Джек ДжорданПреследователь Умы Турман

city of angels

it's going down tonight in this town

cuz they stare and growl

they all stare and growl

i take a scar every time i cry

cuz it aint my style, no it aint my style

going down to the gravel, head to the barrel

take this life and end this struggle

los angeles come scam me please

emptiness never sleeps at clifton's 6 am

with your bag lady friend and your mind descending

stripped of the right to be a human in control

its warmer in hell so down we go


they say this is the city

the city of angels

all i see is dead wings (2x)

its a ghost town rabid underworld

dionysian night vitrolic twilight

a mirage comes up it never ends

once you get burnt your never the same

look around aint no r.i.p. signs here

we dont rest in peace we just disapear

so here we are los angeles

no angels singing in your valley of unease

i watch the sun roll down the pacific

over hookered sunset strip

chorus (2x)

thers a black moon tonight

aint shining down on the western neon lights


Джек Джордан

city of angels / Джек Джордан

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