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If We Try

We walked away before we said goodbye

That aint right baby

I always thought we'd stand the test of time

I was wrong baby

When the lights in the house all go out

I get lonely, how bout you

Every time the phone rings i hope its you calling

We could work it out

Forget this all somehow

Start over again


Its our love on the line

We should try baby try

I know we can make it

If we both take a chance

If we try baby try

Cause weve got too much to lose

Too many days without your smiling face

I cant take it

I pretend that im feeling fine

But im fakin

Words just cant describe

Honey how im feeling inside

Got to remember


Everyday that goes by

I wish i could somehow get you to understand

I figure if you remember how good we were together

That you'll want to be with me again

(we've got to try, we've got tot try)

Words just cant describe

How i need you in my life


Youve got to remember i love you

We should try baby try

Baby dont forget

Its our love on the line

So we should try baby try

Джонни Ланг

If We Try / Джонни Ланг

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