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Джонни Ланг Джонни ЛангАмериканский исполнитель, композитор и автор текстов

Goodbye Letter

Theres a letter on the table

Ive never seen it thehre before

I dont have to read it

Cause i already know

Its been a long time coming

And ive been awake for days

I kow we can make it

But things have to change

Your words say its hopeless

But i know theres more between the lines



Is this how you want it

Ill leave but i dont wanna go

And ill wait but i cant wait forever

For you to say goodbye

Well maybe im just dreaming but i know dreams come true

And im still here beliveing

That god made me for you

If we could just start over

Get back where we began

We're better off together

It doesnt have to end

[chorus x2]

Джонни Ланг

Goodbye Letter / Джонни Ланг

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