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Джони Митчелл Джони МитчеллКанадская фолк-рок-исполнительница

I Wont Cry

Where to begin to end uncertainty

Do I leave silently or boldly say farewell

How can I think of times that used to be

And find the smile I need to wish you well

But I won't cry for dusty memories

No I won't cry for dreams that couldn't be

No I won't cry

The daffodils the sorry candlelight

To buy my heart when loveless words were spoken

Too many tears to welcome in the night

Too many promises the days have broken

So I won't cry for kisses out of reach

No I won't cry Ill practice what I preach

And I won't cry

No flowers now no silly candle games

Somehow my feet won't lead me to the doorway

And so I stand and wonder who's to blame

Waiting for one last word that calls to beg me stay

But I won't cry if that world never comes

No I won't cry for now the story's done

And I won't crygoodbye

Джони Митчелл

I Wont Cry / Джони Митчелл

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