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The Tenth World

Baila mi rumba

Batela, goza y mira mama

Baila, mira mama

Batela, goza, mira eh

Rumbando bello es que yo voy

Bailala bailala bailala

Bailala baila baila

Eh eh mama


Baila baila my rumbo[?]

Ele eh ele eh

Bailala bailala baila

Din din baragadin dan dan [this is onomatopoeia]

Baila baila baila baila

Venezolano en Nueva York

En California y en todos lados

Te la traigo

Para que vos...para que gozes gozes cosa buena

Gozes con todo el mundo

El africano y todo el mundo







Izquierdo! Izquierdo! Vamos, oye!

[onomatopoeic sounds, interjections, sighs, whistling, bits of dialogue among the musicians that sound like instructions or encouragement to keep on playing and dancing]

Me voy

Me voy

Me voy

Me voy

Me voy

Me voy

Me voy

Me voy

[More chanting and onomatopoeia]


Dance to my rumba

Beat it [maybe a drum?], enjoy, look mama [maybe meaning "look at me and learn the steps."]

Dance, look mama

Beat it, enjoy, look

Dancing the rumba beautifully. That's how I go.

Hey hey mama

Dance to it, dance


Dance this way [This a tentative translation, the expression I hear is actually unidiomatic]

Dance to it, dance

A Venezuelan in New York [maybe referring to himself]

In California and everywhere

I bring it to you [the rumba]

So that you will enjoy a good thing

Enjoy it with the rest of the world

With the African and the rest of the world

Dance to it

Gringos! [This is funny. "Gringo" is a pejorative way that some South Americans have to refer to Anglo-Saxons. It's clear that some Americans are actually dancing to the music in

Джони Митчелл

The Tenth World / Джони Митчелл

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