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Джон Секада Джон СекадаАмериканский поп певец и композитор

Dreams That I Carry

Mesmerizing points of view

Hypnotic conversations

Contemplative swinging moods

Drew me to you

It never mattered when or where

Who you'd been with

The color of your hair

Baby, I always cared

But you couldn't see

Inside of me

You didn't notice my intentions

Nothing but dreams

Is all that I carry

Is all that I carry with me

Cynical attitudes

The center of attention

I wonder if you understood

You could've changed my life

Focusing my energy

Setting expectations

Trying to convince myself

She loves me

A little look here

A little smile there

Moments and memories that we've shared

Roses and things

Silly it seems

Is all that carry

Dreams that I carry

Dreams that I carry with me

We had no chance

Never made plans

So many things slipped through our hands

(I never know)

Don't wanna look back

(What to do)

Too late to look back

(To make you)

I gotta get her off my mind

(To believe)

I got no more pleas

(In my dreams)

It' over for me

(Silly dreams)

A dream's all I carry

Dreams that I carry

Dreams that I carry

Джон Секада

Dreams That I Carry / Джон Секада

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