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Джон Секада Джон СекадаАмериканский поп певец и композитор

After All Is Said And Done

Can you forgive me

Just take me back

I promise to be a man of honor

Is there still a chance

That we can find tomorrow.

Forget the sorrow

Live for today

Cause yesterday's come and gone

Now I know better

I hope you can stand a little stormy weather.


After all is said and done

Through all the heartache

Through all the fun

You are the only one

I'll ever love

And I'll work hard to make you see

There's still a chance, girl, if you believe

You are the only one I'll ever love.

Don't walk away, baby, please

I'm begging you

I'm down on my knees

I know I hurt you

But I know you know.

I never will desert you baby

Different strokes for different folks

Your love means the most

Yes, I'm your man

Love you the best I can

Again and again and again.

[Repeat Chorus]

Джон Секада

After All Is Said And Done / Джон Секада

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