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 ДжоДжо ДжоДжопоэт - песенник

baby its you remix

Verse:Can somebody explain to me why everybody

tring to be livin like a celebraty

doin wat they see on mtv

ice is cool but Im lookin for more simple

things that my heart beats for

Cause thats me

dont have much


having is enough

Chorus: You dont have to say

nothin its not what I want baby it you,

we dont have to go no where its not

what I want baby its you, its not for what

ya got,I know you got alot no matter

what ya do ya always gettin hot,its you

you baby all I want is you yea.

It dont matter if ya car is fly and ya rims are spinnin on the side and

it dont matter where we go tonight cause if I wit u I'll be alright thats

cool but Im lookin for more its ya love that my hearts beats for cause

thats me,dont have to spend a dime, baby, I just want ya time.

repeat chorus x2


baby its you remix / ДжоДжо

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