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Джонни Матис Джонни МатисАмериканский исполнитель поп-музыки

Love Look Away

Words by Oscar Hammerstein and Music by Richard Rodgers

This song was apparently never charted as a single in the Top 100 by anyone

Sung in the Broadway musical "Flower Drum Song" by Arabella Hong


I have wished before

I shall wish no more

Love, look away

Love, look away from me

Fly when you pass my door

Fly and get lost at sea

Call it a day

Love, let us say we're through

No good are you for me

No good am I for you


Wanting you so I try too much

After you go I cry too much

Love, look away

Lonely though I may be

Leave me and set me free

Look away, look away, look away from me

Look away, look away, look away from me

Джонни Матис

Love Look Away / Джонни Матис

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