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I have dreamed thee too long

Never seen thee or touched thee but known thee with all of my heart

Half a prayer, half a song

Thou hast always been with me though we have been always apart

Dulcinea, Dulcinea

I see heaven when I see thee, Dulcinea

And thy name is like a prayer an angel whispers


*If I reach out to thee*

Do not tremble or shrink from the touch of my hand on thy hair

Let my fingers but see thou art warm and alive and no phantom to fade in the air

Dulcinea, Dulcinea

I have sought thee, sung thee, dreamed thee, Dulcinea

Now I've found thee and the world shall know thy glory

Dulcinea, Dul ci ne a

Джонни Матис

Dulcinea / Джонни Матис

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