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When The Sun Comes Out

It's been raining for a million years

And the weather just won't turn

Try to build a fire round your place

And the damned logs refuse to burn

The braindead have been sitting on their sunbeds

Where's heaven for its own sake

Lying dead or half-forgotten

At the bottom of a bottomless lake

But when the sun comes out

The world's gonna go crazy

Everybody's gonna move their arms about

Cos what they believed is turned inside-out

When the sun comes out

It's been raining since I don't know when

We're all in for a big surprise

Go to the woods in your dreams tonight

And when you awake you won't believe your eyes

It's all the rage, it'll make the front page

Gotta get the gutter press going down the drain

Butter melts if you leave it near the window

And it's time to try and use a deckchair again

But when the sun comes out....

When the sun comes out

His pa will be so disappointed

To find out his son was double-jointed

Some will flounder

Some will be anointed

The son couldn't wait to do a turn-about

It's been raining but it's gonna stop

Cats and dogs will shake themselves

Time to work, time to pick those hops

I gotta go and mend the greenhouse shelves

This was meant, well, it's all heaven-sent

Go out naked and have no fear

One boy spent a little life in torment

But now he's grinning from ear to ear

Now he's grinning from here to here...

Джон Уэсли

When The Sun Comes Out / Джон Уэсли

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