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The Facts Of Life

Well you say you've got everything you wanted

All your beds are full and your houses are haunted

And everything you need, well you got it on credit

There's nothing we can think and you haven't said it

But something tells me that everything is gonna change

When your shares hit low and the world starts to rearrange

And when it does I know that

You won't be where it's at

You better learn

The facts of life

I guess that no-one ever took you aside

And pointed out the difference between black and white

And now it seems that role has fallen to me

Which is kinds strange when you consider who you wanna be

And you come you don't know

How low you'll have to go

To realise the facts of life

You're too old to learn your ABCs

And it's much more sinister than the birds and the bees

You know I told you it was, didn't I?

So now you're dead buried and neglected

And you're learning much more than you ever expected

No-one can explain your heart attack

Now everyone's bringing up baby behind your back

Bet you wish you'd listened close

Instead of taking an overdose

Bet you wish you knew

The facts of life

The facts of life

Джон Уэсли

The Facts Of Life / Джон Уэсли

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