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Джон Уэсли Джон Уэслианглийский евангелист

Pound Pound Pound

I was standing on a corner kicking my heels

Had my coat buttoned up beneath my chin

And I saw in some girl's eyes, she thought I was making deals

There was just me and the clock struck out

I was looking for something to scream and shout about

So I took a train and I went back home

There was no one to tell so I didn't telephone

That place is just another big unknown to me

That place is just another big unknown to me

The sea made angry faces, the waves were getting high

Saw them kicking down onto the front

And the cars dodged the water that was flooding on by

And I just stood there, an orphan fool

I saw kids smoking chain on their way back from school

A tramp got reckless in the center of town

He was talking about Jesus as the sun went down

A lifetime of sorrows, he was ready to drown

A lifetime of sorrows, I think he was going to drown

Well I hit this bar where I used to hang out

Talked to the guy behind the bar, then dropped a few names

He didn't know what I was talking about

So I put my money down and I shot some pool

Beat two punks, I was feeling cool

A couple of girls started to flirt

And I felt really old as they tugged my shirt

And I walked outside as they hurled some dirt at me

I walked outside as they hurled dirt at me

Went to visit Helen by St. Helen's Park

That place used to frighten me now all I can see

Was a couple of wide-boy sharks flashing their teeth in the small-town dark

Huddled myself in the cold

That old red brick house I can find it blindfolded

I loved her when I was sixteen

She was an old town new brown beauty queen

Now I just spend my time filling the gaps in between her and me

Well I just spend my time filling the gaps that have grown in

Джон Уэсли

Pound Pound Pound / Джон Уэсли

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