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Джон Уэсли Джон Уэслианглийский евангелист

The Little Musgrave

As it fell out upon a day

As many in the year

Musgrave to the church did go

To see fair ladies there

And some came down in red velvet

And some came down in Pall

And the last to come down was the Lady Barnard

The fairest of them all

She's cast a look on the Little Musgrave

As bright as the summer sun

And then bethought this Little Musgrave

This lady's love I've won

GOOD day good day you handsome youth

God make you safe and free

What would you give this day Musgrave

To lie one night with me

I dare not for my lands, lady

I dare not for my life

For the ring on your white finger shows

You are Lord Barnard's wife

Lord Barnard's to the hunting gone

And I hope he'll never return

And you shall slip into his bed

And keep his lady warm

There's nothing for to fear Musgrave

You nothing have to fear

I'll set a page outside the gate

To watch til morning clear

And woe be to the little footpage

And an ill death may he die

For he's away to the green wood

As fast as he could fly

And when he came to the wide water

He fell on his belly and swam

And when he came to the other side

He took to his heels and ran

And when he came to the green wood

'Twas dark as dark can be

And he found Lord Barnard and his men

Asleep beneath the trees

Rise up Rise up Master he said

Rise up and speak to me

Your wife's in bed with Little Musgrave

Rise up right speedily

If this be truth you tell to me

Then gold shall be your fee

And if it be false you tell to me

Then hanged you shall be

Go saddle me the black h

Джон Уэсли

The Little Musgrave / Джон Уэсли

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