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Джон Уэсли Джон Уэслианглийский евангелист

You Will Be Cured

Sometimes it seems like no-one listens

Sometimes it seems like no-one cares

And if there's really someone up there

He's ignoring all your prayers

You've had more than your share

But i know that you'll endure

You will be cured

If the doctors finally realise

That their prescriptions have run dry

And the politicians have decided

Where their special interests lie

They won't look you in the eye

In their attempt to reassure

But you will be cured

When our night is dark and empty

And we're mourning for the past

It's a momentary temptation

That was never made to last

I don't know when the votes are cast

But of one thing i am sure

You will be cured

Джон Уэсли

You Will Be Cured / Джон Уэсли

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