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Elvis Has Just Left The Building

In this house, there are many many mansions

And a tower in desperate need of a spire

And a million little churches for all denominations

Better get good advice, if you're a first time buyer

The ghosts around here, well, they are big business

They're union so they only come out at night

But they'll scare you half to death when you are sleeping

So please remember when you turn out the lights

Please clear off the floor

Your tickets just aren't valid anymore

Cos elvis, elvis has left the building

It was just one small step for humanity

But it took him half an hour to cross the floor

And the little girls scream and turn into their mothers

Who got much more respect before the war

Used to be the world would take our cues from one another

Now just one man can tear the world in half

Some idiot's cracking jokes that he will never understand

About how he hates gays and everybody laughs

Please clear off the floor

That joke just isn't funny anymore

Cos elvis, elvis has left the building

Elvis, elvis has left the building

Aloha earth, this is elvis calling

You'll find me in the big house now

I'm gone but i've not forgotten

I've joined the order

I've taken vows

I didn't like what i saw down there anyhow

Now everyone wants to see the clocks turned backwards

To when men were men and women cooked their meals

When you could only sing on tv from the waist up,

(but you could do it live)

Well i'm 25 and i don't know how that feels

So me and my friends we decide to have a party

But the outside world crashes and it gets so unreal

Cos each of us is a fragment with a million little centres

Soon someone will discover the wheel-acapo

Джон Уэсли

Elvis Has Just Left The Building / Джон Уэсли

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